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As a guardian of time with a unique savoir-faire, each of our clocks expresses a harmonious alliance between modern times and the past. Any collector or enthusiast of original and creative Swiss clocks will be delighted by the remarkable mix of magnificent woods, modern technology and the first digital displays to make history.
All our clocks are unique pieces, made up of rare, refined and precision-engineered parts creating exclusive objects with leading designs.

The technical innovation of our clocks is the result of the alliance between Nixie tubes, manufactured in abundance during the Cold War period to produce the first digital displays, and modern technology of the 21st century.

All of our clocks are manufactured and assembled in Switzerland and meet the requirements set by the federal order, the governing body of the "Swiss made" label. We are committed to ensuring the quality, design, technical innovation and savoir-faire of our clocks.

Our SteamClock collection is entirely handmade and numbered which is what makes our products original, exclusive and extremely valuable.
In fact our clocks are manufactured in small batches and limited editions.


Our clocks are manufactured with Nixies tubes which is an acronym for "Numeric Indicator eXperimental n°1, NIX I". This term was first introduced in 1954. Each tube contains a wire mesh anode and several cathodes that give the shapes to the numbers displayed. When the cathodes are energized, they are surrounded by an orange glow produced by the exchange of gases. Nixie tubes are extremely resistant and have a life span of several decades. They were manufactured in large quantities between the 1950's and 1970's before being replaced by LED. From a technological point of view, LEDs are probably more powerful, but their lack of style and charm has helped to give our SteamClock Vintage clocks a market advantage.


Our clocks are available with either 4 Nixie tubes to display hours and minutes or with 6 Nixie tubes to show hours, minutes and seconds. If you are working in a country with a different time zone to your own, you can save the country time in your clock to use as and when you need to. In addition, your clock can be programmed using WiFi to set the switch automatically to winter or summer time.


Stéphane Hirschi is a qualified electronics and computing engineer and has been passionate about watchmaking and advanced engineering from a very young age. Using the nostalgic charm of Nixie tubes, Stéphane presents these clocks in a range of styles to suit what you are looking for. If you would like to have a bespoke SteamClock made for you, please contact us directly.

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