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Combining new technologies with those of the mid-20th century is a particular challenge, as each developed at different times. Our technologies are high-speed, low energy with a small global footprint, while those of the 1950s when electronics was in its infancy are far removed. (Note that mobile phones and the Internet would not exist today without the technological advancements of the last century ...).
Two different worlds are linked together with the same engineering knowledge to make our clocks function by using modern electronics and the magnificent Nixie tubes of the past. Consider this, for instance. The tubes need 190 Volts to glow, while the clock's electronics board operates at 3.3 and 5 Volts. What a challenge to ensure they work together and that you stay safe if one of the tubes were to break!

Deux gammes d'horloges à tubes Nixies ont disponibles, la Gamme "T" et la gamme "W". Ces deux gammes sont proposées avec des fonctions est des finitions différentes, mais toujours habillées de bois précieux.


Our clocks are set using a tactile interface: a virtual "button" reacts when a finger is placed in front of each tube inside the casing, 
Just a finger is enough to adjust the clock settings with intuitive movements: a "click", a quick "double click", a "long click" and a "slide" movement to unlock the clock and access the advanced settings menu.
This technology is exclusive to our clocks and is found on all our "T" models.


The "W" range of clocks incorporate a web server to make the settings and connect to your WiFi network to synchronise with the time servers available on the net.

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